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Gluten Free Hangover Food

May 20, 2009

First of all, I am not an alcoholic.

But let’s just say that since being diagnosed celiac–three weeks ago, ahem–I’ve had a lot of occasions to overindulge.  This will happen when you are attending 3 weddings in one month (and two of them are with your Irish Catholic family).  Let’s not forget that bachelorette parties, seeing old friends, rehearsal dinners and hotel room parties often come along with this territory.

So some of my first GF finds have had to be replacements for the usual hangover food.  You know, takeout pizza.  Wendy’s.  Chicken fingers. McDonald’s french fries.  I can no longer have them and for the foods I can have, they take too long and too much coordination to make from scratch.

So so far, here is a list of gluten free things that I have found to be acceptable hangover food:

  • Cheetos
  • Fritos
  • Cool Ranch Doritos (apparently the Nacho Cheese are not GF–Thanks, Allison!)
  • Cheese grits (the husband makes some good ones)
  • French fries (from a place such as four burgers or five guys)
  • Waffle house (when in the south.  eggs, bacon, hashbrowns.  probably contaminated, but so comforting.)

Anybody else have suggestions?