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Gluten Free Atlanta

May 26, 2009

Tomorrow I’m heading to Atlanta, home of my adolesence and early adulthood.  My cousin’s getting married, finishing off Wedding Month 2009.  Given that this is the third wedding in just about as many weeks, you better believe I have my gluten free hangover food ready to go.

I’ll be slumming it at the Ritz-Carlton Atlanta all weekend.  I’ve already talked with the catering manager there, and my GF wedding dinner is set.  Chocolate mousse for dessert.  Don’t player hate, player appreciate.

This is my first trip home to the ATL as a celiac.  I have to give a shout out to my mom for finding  a very thorough list of gluten free Atlanta restaurants via the Way of the Celiac Traveler blog.  Good job, mom.  Way to use the internets!  Thanks for supporting me.  As we are learning, advanced food planning is the key.

It is perhaps not too much of a surprise that this list is so long, because let’s be honest.  Atlanta is the Mecca of chain restaurants.  There’s bound to be a few that carry a nationwide gluten free menu.  Oh and hey, they all happen to be in a one mile radius of my mom’s house!  I bet my mom’s most excited to take me to Cheeseburger in Paradise (she loves Jimmy Buffett).  Though if that’s too busy, there’s a Carrabba’s right next door, with a P.F. Chang’s in spitting distance.  And a Maggiano’s at the mall across the street.  I’m sure there will also be more than one trip to Starbucks for coffee and gluten free orange cake.

Hey gluten free Atlanta!  Any other recommendations out there?  What do you know about the Original El Taco in the Highlands?  Are they celiac friendly?


Gluten Free Hangover Food

May 20, 2009

First of all, I am not an alcoholic.

But let’s just say that since being diagnosed celiac–three weeks ago, ahem–I’ve had a lot of occasions to overindulge.  This will happen when you are attending 3 weddings in one month (and two of them are with your Irish Catholic family).  Let’s not forget that bachelorette parties, seeing old friends, rehearsal dinners and hotel room parties often come along with this territory.

So some of my first GF finds have had to be replacements for the usual hangover food.  You know, takeout pizza.  Wendy’s.  Chicken fingers. McDonald’s french fries.  I can no longer have them and for the foods I can have, they take too long and too much coordination to make from scratch.

So so far, here is a list of gluten free things that I have found to be acceptable hangover food:

  • Cheetos
  • Fritos
  • Cool Ranch Doritos (apparently the Nacho Cheese are not GF–Thanks, Allison!)
  • Cheese grits (the husband makes some good ones)
  • French fries (from a place such as four burgers or five guys)
  • Waffle house (when in the south.  eggs, bacon, hashbrowns.  probably contaminated, but so comforting.)

Anybody else have suggestions?

Mmm… GF Hot Dogs

May 20, 2009

Alison at Sure Foods Living posted a list of gluten free and dairy free hot dogs.  I am reposting as a thanks for compiling the list.  I appreciate the work!

And now I’m hungry.