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GF offerings at Crema Cafe in Harvard Square

July 16, 2009

I went to Crema Cafe on Tuesday and was surprised to see that two of their pastries were labeled (labeled!) as gluten free.  They had a coconut macaroon, and some nebulous bar type thing that was labeled as a “cranberry pistachio” bar. It looked like it was made with oats, but it was very difficult to tell.

And what follows is a lesson to cafe workers on how NOT to treat someone with a gluten intolerance:

“That cranberry pistachio bar, is that made with GF oats?”

“Let me check. (to other cashier) Is that made with GF oats?”

“No, I think it’s made with Rice Krispies”

Me: “I’m sorry, so it’s made with Rice Krispies?”

Cashier 1: “Here let me ask the person who buys them. (to manager looking person) Are these bars gluten free?”

Manager: “Yes.”

Cashier to me: “They are not made with oats. They are completely gluten free.”

Me: “…but if they’re made with Rice Krispies, they are not gluten free.”

Cashier, in an extremely snippy tone with I’m-smiling-but-I’m-really-annoyed-with-you smile: “I just asked, and I can assure you they are completely gluten free.”

Hmm, they told me the same thing at Kickass Cupcakes not too long ago.  I ordered a macaroon instead.

Bottom line, people:  if someone asks you about the GF status of a product, unless you have a certificate in gluten free food preparation, give them ingredients.  Or list them somewhere in case people ask.